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Now that the E.I.B.A.Ltd have put the National Championships on their website there is no need for them to be shown on this website so I have had to  change the information that is included.

Having been a Past President and National Competition Officer of the E.I.B.A  I hope the information I am including is interesting and of some use. The details being included show  the National Executive Service, Area Secretaries Service and details of the competitors individual details who have qualified for the National Championships both Men and Ladiessince 1971/72. In compiling the Ladies Records I have found some are not available mainly in the Team Events and early rounds of the Competitions. IT would be appreciated if any of the clubs have details of their teams either as Winners,  Runners-up or Semi-Finalists if they could let me have them preferably by email or by Programme.

There will be various other items shown in a Table of Contents which you will be able to see by clicking on the box shown above.. I have updated  the Players Details for the 2017/18 season both men and ladies.. I am now updating the details shown in the @Contents@ box to include winners and runners-up.

It will( be some time before it is completed. However if you wish to contact me you can do this either by  email at ward.anthony2@sky.com  or by telephone at 01664/370252.

I am at the moment  entering where possible the Christian Names to all the information. If you find that your Christian Name has not benn included please let me know preferably by email.

When you look at your individual records should you find any errors would you kindly let me know. In particular if you have been a member of more than one club when qualifying for the National Finals.

Due to the introduction of the new Daa Protection Act it may be that your record for 2019 has not ben been shown in the the Players Details shown on thie website. This is due to the fact thst you have not signed the agreement form requested by  the EIBA for your name to be published in the Programme when you qualified. If your record has not been shown can you please let me know either by telephone or email.

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